Start with first service: your own Open Data Portal! It is very easy.
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Open Data Store. Because you want to have open, transparent, collaborative City platform.

State of the art software as a service solution that bring data driven City as a Servicepower to your smart city or local, regional or national open ideas. Open DataStore is an easy to use library of services that scale as you grow with your Services.

We added Data and Application Models that help you build your own Application Marketplace to scale apps to the citizens!


OpenDataStore Platform is a Finalist of the Microsoft 2015 Partner of the Year Award!

Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday announced the winners and finalists of the Microsoft 2015 Partner of the Year Awards. ODataStore project, Open Source project on Azure clo�d technology, driven by Omega Software, was one of the finalist in the category “Open Source on Azure”. This is recognition that showcases that ODS is future platform for the Open Data delivery, and that data model and application model that its introduces deliver significant value to the smart cities and government efforts to drive openess, transparency and collaboration. Find out more…


Open Data Store Architecture. Read more about state of the art City platform.

Read more on how to we solve complex issues of building a true platform that scales through the cities and scenarios. We are introducing a number of new platforms including IoT, Social and Cloud platforms.

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Open Data Portal

Open DataStore helps you with your quick start to the Open Data world. Easy to use, it helps you build your Open Data Portal and publish your first datasets. Read more

CKAN Based Engine

Open DataStore is based on world class CKAN Open Data Portal engine. This is de facto standard engine that we you add additional functionality and scale as you go. Read more

Eays Start and Scaling

Open DataStore enables easy start of your own Open Data Portal with a just few clicks and selections. And when your grow, we give you number of options how to scale!

Automatic Scaling

We take care about all techical aspects of your Open Data Portal. We provision it for you, manage it, take care about the data… You just need to publish the data and enjoy the experience.

Analysis and Reporting

We build for you all reports and analysis that you could need. And we reccommend some additional steps to take to make your data portal even more successful.

Unlimited Possibilities

Right, there are some unlimitied possibilites that you can achieve with this solution. You can be the hero of democracy, king of transparency or mastermind of the collaboratiom. You choose, we deliver.

Applications Marketplace

You write an application once, and you run it everywhere – on any City’s dana portal. This is how you scale Worldwide, and that is true power of Platform as a Service.

Data Model

To support fast application development and reporting we introduce Data Model – the way how you work with the data. Data Model enables you to support applications or Open Data Portals with consistent model that delivers data to outside world.

Communities and Social

We integrate comunities and social components in all our deliveries. So you build a partners, reviewers, members, friends, supporters, Sharing with others is important and to stay in touch even more.


Do you want to know more what is Open Data?

Find out more on Open Data, how you can use it, what are the benefits and how you can achieve economic benefits.

Read more on examples around the world, and how other countries and cities are achieving transparency and public engagement.


What are some great examples of Open Data?

Find out more on Open Data portals, applications, best cases and delivery success.

Read more on examples around the world, and how we support partners and developers to build a great success.


Open Government Partnership, Mexico City, Mexico, 26.-28.10.2015.

If you want to meet the team, we are traveling world. Click here to find out where we will be present at the expo, meeting, event or whatever. Come and meet us, let’s see what we can do together. Also, we were at: Microsoft WW Partner Conference, Orlando, USA, 12. – 17.07.2015