0. ODS Consulting

Open Data Store Consulting

To help you with your Open Data and Data Driven City as a Service efforts, we can offer you some additional resources that will guide you through the process. Depending on where you are with the project we can be engaged at specific step to maximize the value that is delivered from this project.

Achieving the benefits from open data is not a straight forward task – you need to set up a proper resources to drive the project so that all other steps, together with an application library, land in an environment that is ready for a new processes and is committed to a sustainability of the open data driven city as a service solution.

First, we can start with the basics: understanding the data and information that you already have (or you don’t know that you have, and you should). Sometimes, we have a ton of data hidden somewhere in the siloes that no one is using or no one is contributing or maintaining. This is “dark data”, data that no one knows that exists and thus, no one is thinking on how we can use is and create some additional value. Also, we are looking at the environment – or, we are looking at how fit your organization is so that we can implement ODS in a proper way, and then we compare the findings with the best practices around so that we can benchmark the results. We also need to talk to some stakeholders, so that we can better understand what are the expectations they have, and what should be built in which specific order. All those activities are listed under the PRE-ENGAGEMENT phase of consulting. And then we can finalize that part of the engagement with some specific workshops for different external or internal stakeholders that are crucial for a success of your project.

Then, when we all the basics in place, and we understand what needs to be done (and why), we can move into the engagement phase. This is something what should be obvious what and when to do, and all questions should be solved or discussed during the PRE-ENGAGEMENT phase. So, here we are doing a pilot deployment of the open data portal and a platform that is driving the City as a Platform environment, we are also organizing the workshop on a technical details of the portal and other technologies that are connected to the delivery, and we can finish with a series of a hackatons that are showing the way in how you should build an applications sets that are based on Data and Application Models that ensure rapid deployment and scalability for the applications. All that is delivered or could be delivered during the ENGAGEMENT phase.

You know that work does not stop the moment you finalize the deployment of your portal. It has to be sustainable and continue to bring the value to the external and internal stakeholders. You need to put in place s strategy that will define and drive how we manage and grow the portal and platform in a future years. We need to ensure that we have good understanding and technical support from the providers so that we don’t have any security, code or other issues with the solution. And we can help you promote and evangelize the solution moving forward. That is the role of all our solution offerings that you can use in POST-ENGAGEMENT phase.

All that is here so that you can be more confident and trustworthy that we will do everything that is needed to do to help you achieve maximum value and success. And you will have a great partner that will support you along that journey.