1. ODS Consulting Pre Engagement

Open Data Store Consulting PRE-ENGAGEMENT


What we can do for you? Fit Analysis is an offer where we validate where you are with the data and information management efforts and what is your fit to the open data and city as a service solution. It does not make sense to start a journey if we don’t know what we have and what we can achieve.

Research and Analyze customer present data and information stores
Your data and information is scattered around your organization. Sometimes, it is not stored only in your organization, you found out that lot of the data actually sits somewhere else, and sometime you don’t even now that that data is over there. Some of that data could be private, sometimes it could be classified. We will help identify how your current data environment looks like and what to do with it.

Present best practices, current and future trends and identify best data to drive open data portal engagement.
You need to be sure and you need to understand where you are. We will show you what is your maturity level related to open data, what are the possibilities to build City as a Service solutions on top of our platform and what should be future actions that you need to do to support the data driven CaaS development in your city or country.

1. Assessment Fit Report
2. Current Data and Information Analysis Report
3. Data Sets Candidates for ODS

Length of engagement: up to 5 days


What can we do for you? Here we need to understand what is the gap that we have that we need to manage so that we can achieve any desired end result with the data and platform. This is not something that is usually written somewhere already – we need to build a consensus of number of stakeholders and build a joint vision and deliver toward that goal.

Delivering Interviews with Key Stakeholders (up to 10 stakeholders). We will organize, develop and conduct a number of interviews with a key stakeholders that will drive or have interest into this project. We will build a questionnaire and then organize a report and executive findings on what are top goals that stakeholders want to achieve from this project. We usually do that with up to 10 stakeholders, but if we need to involve more of them, that is what will do – our interest is to understand what are the expectations and we need to be sure that we understand all of them.

Define and Report on Business Requirements and Future Priorities. Based on a feedback that we will get from the interviews, we will deliver a new Business Requirements that needs to be addressed during the project, creating the datasets and building the applications. Some of those requirements will be short spanned, so we will move them into the current specifications but some of them will be long term, and we need to have them in mind when we build an environment that will drive your future success.

Delivering Research on the Expectations of the Citizens and Organizations.
After we are sure that we know what to deliver and when, we must communicate that back to the stakeholders but also to the all interesting parties in the ecosystem – for example external organizations and citizens. They will give us best and open response and feedback on what they think about our proposal, what needs to be modified and how. And ODS team will manage those expectations for you.

1. Gap Analysis
2. Stakeholder Interview Questions
3. Stakeholder Interview Analysis
4. Business Requirement Analysis
Length of engagement: up to 3-5 days


Full Analysis of existing information and data available with report on data catalogue and recommendations on use. If you want to dig a little bit more into the data that you have, we can help you also on that one. Not only we will deliver you a catalogue of the data that you have, we will also list number of details on what additionally needs to be done with the data so that it can be fit to the platform, what needs to be described so that data can be better used in some scenarios, what you can publish out of that data or how your partners are going to use the data in different application scenarios.

1. Data Analysis Report
2. Data Catalogue Report

Length of engagement: 5-10 days