We are Open Data Store Team. 
We are building your open future.

Our Story

We strongly believe that future of the society is closely connected to the word: OPEN. We believe that we need open and transparent governments. We believe that Open Data play significant role in achieving that outcome. We believe that we should be transparent, collaborative and we should enable participation.

Of course, we also believe that software plays significant role in achieving those goals. We know that utilizing open and interoperable software will bring us new benefits that will help us drive the society to the better world. Regardless of the nature of the software, open or proprietary, we are looking for the outcomes that we all deserve.

Portfolio of Our Projects are

Open Government · 100%
Open Data · 95%
Open Innovation · 75%
Our Team

We hiring! Join to our great team.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does your solution work?

We are building a set of practical tools to manage Open Data and we provide you set of experiences that help you build your own data portal. You can use our infrastructure (based on cloud) or you can download our tools and build your own infrastructure in your own private or national cloud infrastructure

Can you help us to better understand Open Data?

Sure. Open Data Store is both technical platform and open data, open government consulting company. If you have more questions on open data and the whole model, please email us or click on the link to find out more on consulting offerings.

Do you have local partners in a specific country that can help us?

Yep. We have number of partners both chnical and consulting ones that can help you to deliver yoour open data solution. Thant is actually critical for your success – they are the ones that can help you extend and grow your story and get the maximum of benefits out of Open Data.