A.1. ODS Framework ( Meetings )

Open Data Store Framework: 1.Meetings!

Well, you have to start somewhere. At the beggining, there will be a number of meetings with different stakeholders where you need to lay down your Open Data story. And this is very important – you need to get their buy in for your idea.

Delivery: Meeting and presentation for Microsoft and Partners

NOTE: Key meeting with the Microsoft people and other Microsoft partners who will be part of the project to ensure uderstanding and support for the project.

This is the part of getting the right support from right stakeholders. For example, you are delivering a open data project that is based on Microsoft Azure. This platform is really important for Microsoft, and you should let them know that you are working with your own partners and customers to deliver this story on their platform. So, you can bet that Microsoft already have some activities and deliverables related to the cloud, Azure, open data, open government and if you can work with them, that is great option! So, call your local Microsoft representative and discuss with them options that you have together, and tell them all about Open Data Store story.

They can support you in various ways, but for sure they will help you in any way they can to move the project forward. Sometimes it is all about opening a door or redelivering a workshop. But if you need some special resources (apart from Open Data Store), please reach to them and ask them for an advice.

DELIVERY FORMAT: Meeting with the Microsoft internal, Meeting with Partner Channel, if no prep needed 1 hour max both. Please prepare all neccessary details about the engagements, including the goals that you wnat to achieve on this endeavour.

Delivery: Meeting and presentation for the Sponsor

NOTE: Key meeting with the Government Sponsor and/or his agengy to secure the understanding and support for the project.

DELIVERY FORMAT: Meeting with the Government, 2 hours on ops level and 1 hour max on decision maker level