A.4. ODS Framework ( Innovation Labs )

Open Data Store Framework: 4.Innovation Labs

Delivery: Innovation LAB

NOTE: To fully support the process of Open Data prototype, Innovation LAB or Framework concept should be created and executed. Innovation Framework should support number of innovative projects that will emerge under “Government Innovation Agenda” and should be basis for Innovation Discussion phase later. In general this approach in well known as Innovation Management process. As process, Innovation Management should be separately branded and (if possible) also conencted to Government Change Management process. Inovation Management should be built as social and collaboration space effort and should be publicly open to the public.

DELIVERY FORMAT: Cloud based public web site (portal) that is enabled for multiproject (innovation) management. This site should have process management for every single IT project in the Government, and all prototypes and pilot should be published there for project (idea) evaluation. Innovation LAB does not have expiration date.