1. ODS Open Data Store Intro

Welcome to the Data Driven City As A Service!

We believe in Data Driven Solutions. We know that through the use of Data we can achieve better transparency and oppeness of the national governments, local and regional governments, cities, organizations, businesses – whoever holds a ton of data today that is sitting somewhere beign not properly used.

Open Data Store

Because you want to be open, transparent, collaborative and add value with City applications.

What is Open Data Store? State of the art City as a Service solution that bring open data power to your smart city or local, regional or national initiatives. But it also brings a wealth of applications that your city can use to open itself to the citizens.

With Open Data Store, you can setup your City as a Service platform in a minutes, not months. You can connect open data to the applications, build your own open data portals, or publish applications to your citizens – it’s that easy. With only few configuration details, you will build your own City portal, and there you can enable different experiences for citizens and organizations in your own city, or you can provide management services to anyone that is using that model.

ODS is a platform, so it means that it works with a partners and communities. You can publish your data or build your own application, and offer that to anyone in the world.

That’s the power of cloud based platforms.

You will find all standard consumer perks there: try before you buy model so that you can play with the portals and applications, different deployment options for customers and different business models for partners.

Full scale City as a Service management at your service from September 2015.