2. ODS Summary

We all see Open Data as a great opportunity to enable the Governments, Local and Regional Governments and Cities or in general all interesting parties to realize an additional economic value based on the data that is already somewhere in the government systems.

Open Government, Open Cities and Open Data

Through our work with national organizations that are supporting Open Government and Open Data (transparency, participation, collaboration) activities, we were able to work directly with the Open Government Partnership organization that spans more than 120 countries around the world. Through this partnership, governments are contributing to the idea of opening up data – open data is part of the commitment of almost every single country that is part of the partnership program. This collaboration opened us a door to many direct engagements and opportunities related to Open Government, in the form of opening Open Data pilots and projects.

Open, Linked and Big Data Opportunity

We had the opportunity to jointly develop, with the Warszaw Institute for Economics and demosEuropa thinktank a whitepaper “Big and Open Data” that was presented and used in EU Parliament, but also published online to www.bigopendata.eu showcasing the opportunity that each and every country in EU have if they use big and open data to increase their contribution to the overall GDP of the specific country.


So far, through the Open Data Engagement Platform and Open Data Store LABS, we delivered number of pilots and proof of concepts to showcase CKAN solution working effectively on Microsoft Azure, and we have some important customer wins that were result of that activities. Those pilots were accompanied by hackatons and specific developments.

Open Data on CKAN

Also, we developed a working relationships with the number of CKAN partners, like CKAN organization, ODKF organization, and the communities around CKAN and DRUPAL projects. Direct engagement and partnership is established with the organizations that actively use CKAN product in their government delivery (like Government Digital Service UK).