Open Data City of Zagreb

  • Name Open Data City of Zagreb
  • Category Citynext
  • Year 2014
  • Client City of Zagreb
  • Launch Project

City of Zagreb deployed the Open Data Portal ( for two important reasons:

  • enabling the end users to access and use data so that they can gain some specific benefits, including cost savings from data request and all other associated costs that incure when requesting the data
  • enabling the software partners ecosystem that delivers additional 3rd party applications that extend the already existing portfolio, like MojZagreb ( or mobile applications from other startups, like AXILIS (Zagreb Travel,, specific Windows Phone Apps based on Open Data delivered by the Portal.

The aim was to improve the dissemination of public and open data through a unique and central place and use data to make the production of innovative non-commercial and commercial applications. With this portal City of Zagreb improved the way that governments deliver public services and boost more intensive cooperation with the private sector, particularly in the field of information technology. Intent was also to identify ways for promoting transparency and openness of the city administration and encourage the improvement of electronic public services.

From the technical standpoint, City of Zagreb open data portal is based on a CKAN platform. CKAN is a powerful data management system that makes data accessible – by providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data, and in this case platform is located in the Azure environment.