Open Data Portal – Government of Republic of Croatia

  • Name Open Data Portal – Government of Republic of Croatia
  • Category Open government
  • Year 2015
  • Client Government of Republic of Croatia
  • Launch Project

Open Data Portal of the Government of Republic of Croatia is one of the prime examples how you can use CKAN and Open Data Store to build a Open Data Government portal using CKAN as an engine in a short timeframe. This is a protal that is a main hub for collecting, categorization and distribution of open data coming not only from, but mostly from public sector institutions.

The goal of the portal is to support dissemination of public and open data through centralized portal but also enable the community to build new and innovative application, both commerical and non commercial. With this project, Government also incentivizes collaboration with private sector, to use information technologies and to support the further development of electronic public services – but also to increase the transparency of public sector.

Portal is actually combination of two open source applications – first, we use CKAN to manage data and metadata, but we also use Drupal to have content management system abilities.

For more info on a project, please visit: